Diagnosing the exact nature of your dental problem(s), and designing an orthodontic plan to correct the problem(s) is a complex process. In order for this to be done properly, we need to collect a variety of information. This information allows us to determine your treatment options and will also provide a baseline for future decisions.

Laboratory X-rays and Photographs

X-rays show:

3D X-ray (iCat) Used in Orthodontic treatment-planning for Braces

  1. The upper and lower jaws and their position relative to one another and to the face.
  2. Direction of facial growth can reveal the need for interceptive treatment to help modify the direction and extent of growth.
  3. Position of the teeth within jaw.
  4. Number and direction of growing teeth.

Photographs show:

  1. Facial photographs record the facial proportions and relationships.
  2. Photographs inside the mouth detail the bite, tooth positions, and gums.

Diagnostic x-rays and photographs are taken at a local imaging laboratory and they will be forwarded directly to our office. Radiology reports may sometimes be ordered to help with interpretation of the X-ray images.

Study Models, Bite and Facial Measurements

During your records appointment, we will make models of your teeth, and a recording of your bite and facial measurements. These models and measurements will allow us to examine your teeth and bite more thoroughly than is possible by simply looking in your mouth.