Orthodontic Emergencies

Helpful Hints

When you encounter an orthodontic emergency, we are here to help you. With after hour emergencies, you can call the office and you will be instructed on how to reach the doctors directly.

Tooth discomfort is normal after placement of and/or adjustment of your braces. Your tenderness should end in a few days.


If your orthodontic appliances or parts are irritating your cheeks, gums, lips and/or tongue place a small piece of wax or cotton over the offending part. Such irritation will usually disappear after a day or two. But if it doesn’t, please call the office for an emergency visit and we will fix it. A persistent irritating wire can be covered with wax or be pushed away by using a blunt instrument like the eraser at the end of a pencil. Avoid using home instruments, such as pliers, that may break appliances, cause harm to teeth and gums and create additional problems. When you call us for an emergency, it is helpful to able to identify the part is either loose, out of place or causing the discomfort. Please refer to the emergency pamphlet provided to you at the start of your orthodontic care for the description and care of your orthodontic appliances. If you have an upcoming appointment, DO call us ahead of time so we can ensure additional appointment time to fix your emergency.


A blow to the face or teeth as a result of an accident or a sports injury can be serious and the appliances should be checked immediately. Although the lips and cheeks may be cut, braces can actually keep the teeth from being displaced or knocked out. Broken or knocked out teeth should be addressed immediately by calling your pediatric or general dentist. The less time the tooth is out of the mouth, the better the prognosis. On average, it is preferable to have the tooth placed back into the arch within the first hour. If the tooth is found, please place it in milk or keep in the mouth. Your dentist has the proper protocol, including pain medications, anesthetics and X-rays to take care of your emergency. X-rays are important to rule out any fractured roots or additional trauma. We will be more than happy to assist your dentist with the proper re-positioning of your displaced teeth and subsequent follow up care.