Patient Testimonials

“It has been almost 10 years since my last appointment, but I still think of you every time someone comments on my smile! It is hard to imagine life without having been under your care. We welcomed our first child, Abby, in April. People say she has my smile; I pray she doesn’t have my jaw!”

Morgan – Austin, Texas

“My Experience was absolutely fantastic. DeLurgio and Blom were very personable and professional. The orthodontic treatment I received has changed my life by giving me security in my smile. As human beings, we all have cosmetic insecurities. Before I received treatment, I tried to find every way possible to hide my extremely flawed smile. Now I find every reason to show off my new smile. I want to thank DeLurgio and Blom for their adept orthodintic skill and application to my treatment.”

Dante G. – Sacramento, California

“I want to thank Dr. DeLurgio and Dr. Blom for my new smile. They took the time to listen to me and customized a plan based on my goals (not a boxed solution). I am amazed that my bottom teeth were straightened in 10 months and look better than I could have imagined (some of my teeth were chipped). Their knowledge and kindness made the experience so positive. They are like artists, they designed the perfect plan for me.

Kiki, Jackie, and the rest of the staff always greeted me with a big smile. There is so much caring in your office. I wish I would have straightened those bottom teeth long ago. The whole experience was hassle free.”

Stephanie R. – Sacramento, California

“Dr. Blom is the perfect Orthodontist. Meticulous and detail oriented. He took the time to carefully review and plan a treatment ideally suited to each of my children. Both my children had cross-bites, and the treatment for each was different. The thorough consultation process helped my wife and I understand the issues, and prepared us well for the treatment process ahead. During treatment our kids never complained about going to see Dr. Blom, just the opposite, they were working together on the issue with Dr. Blom as a team. The staff are very professional, and the facility is clean and organized. I highly recommend Dr. Blom and his team to you.”

Steve M. – Sacramento, California

“I was at my primary Dentist appointment today and he complimented your wonderful work. He said that not only did my front teeth look aesthetically beautiful but my bite in back is well aligned, too. He mentioned that this is the case with all the patients he has referred to DeLurgio and Blom Orthodontics. He further commented ‘To have both the front teeth aesthetic and the bite in back aligned is not the case with most orthodontists’. Thanks for the most excellent work, totally worth it!”

Isabel O. – Sacramento, California

Your work is just wonderful. It is amazing that Stephanie finished almost exactly to the date when you said she would be finished.

— Mrs. Z.

I appreciate that you run on time.

— Mrs. H.

I appreciate your realistic approach to orthodontics.

— Ms. W.

I like how your office is soooo organized – there is never any question as to what’s next.

— Mrs. F.

It is so nice to see how efficient a real office is run – it was such a pleasure coming in today.

— Dr. C.

I am verrrrrry pleased with Liz’s treatment. Liz’s self esteem is in the clouds!

— Hygienist Gale O.

My boys like how you talk to them and not just us parents.

— Mr. W.

Dr. Blom is the best – all the Dentists children come here.

— Penny D.

The office is so pleasant to work with.

— Elena K.

WOW! I knew my teeth would look good, but I never thought they would look so beautiful and perfect. I am so happy.

— Cathi C.

I am really happy Dr. DeLurgio talked me into wearing the rubber bands. Now that I am finished with braces, my teeth and bite are perfect.

— Jack B.

I had a great experience. The doctors and staff were great! I didn’t expect my teeth to look so good, they are perfect. It is the best thing I have done for myself.

— Darrian C.

I get so many compliments on my teeth!

— Grant V.

Wonderful Experience. I receive multiple compliments daily about my teeth. Thank you sooo much!

— Keith W.

I’m really happy with my teeth. I ruined my teeth from an injury and they were so caring and patient with me! I looked at a picture from 1 year ago and you can’t even tell anything happened.

— Brittany M.

I would like to express how grateful I am to Dr. DeLurgio. Dr. DeLurgio improved my teeth within one week and did what the other orthodontist couldn’t do in 2 years. Thank you!

— Leo T.

The experience was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. The worst part for me was getting new wires every so often. I had no problems with the eating and cleaning. Orthodontic treatment has changed my habits of brushing and flossing. The movement of my canines over the years has amazed me. Following Dr. Blom’s instructions have given me the great transformation I wanted. I am grateful for this process. It was a long journey, but it turned out for the best.

— Jentry W.

I feel much more confident in my teeth and I am glad that I don’t have to be embarrassed of my smile anymore.

— Rachel P.

Great. I can play my french horn with more ease and I can see how much better my teeth look.

— Ann K.

My experience was extremely positive, Dr. Blom and Dr. DeLurgio made every appointment painless and easy. The staff is very friendly and flexible with appointments.

— Emily H.

I wore braces in high school but did not wear my retainers. So, many years later, my bottom teeth were very crowded. I wanted to get them straightened for a long time, but kept putting it off because of the drama involved with braces. I kept rationalizing all the reasons not to get braces again. But, my bottom teeth kept bothering me. A few months ago I was talking to my dentist about it and he said, why not go for it? He recommend Dr. Blom and Dr. DeLurgio.
I made an appointment and was happily surprised. I was given several options and they really listened to my concerns. Due to their professionalism (including their awesome staff), I decided to go for it. I have had my braces on the lower teeth for two months and people are noticing how straight my teeth have gotten and commenting on it. Wow, I thought I was the only one that really noticed the crowding.
This experience has been a lot easier process than I had anticipated! I would recommend anyone thinking about it, to go in and talk to either Dr. Blom or Dr. DeLurgio.

— Stephanie R.

Fabulous experience. Could not have been better – only 8 mos and straight teeth! And working with all personnel has been comfortable and nice. Thank you all, but most of all Dr. DeLurgio.

— Nancy G.

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