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DeLurgio & Blom Orthodontics

Orthodontics is a specialty of Dentistry and as Orthodontists Drs. DeLurgio and Blom perform orthodontics exclusively. To them, orthodontics is much more than a nice smile and a good bite. It is the whole process of combining the goals and concerns of each patient with treatment excellence.

Whether treated with traditional braces or Invisalign, Drs DeLurgio and Blom want every patient’s orthodontic treatment to be an efficient, effective, and positive experience. The tradition of clinical excellence was recognized by Sacramento Magazine 2002 when a survery of 1800 Sacramento Area dentists voted Dr. Hendrik Blom Sacramento’s #1 Orthodontist. Subsequently in 2011 in a similar Sacramento Magazine survey, Dr. DeLurgio was voted one of the top orthodontists in the Sacramento Area by fellow dentists.  In March of 2011, two of their patients were used to demonstrate excellent esthetic treatment outcomes in the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Together, Drs. DeLurgio and Blom influence a patient’s orthodontic treatment by:

  • Thoroughly diagnosing and treatment planning each case utilizing the expertise of two doctors, including careful analysis of each patient’s bite via mounted casts. Mounting of casts gives additional information on the bite for more proactive treatment and is a procedure not often done by orthodontists.
  • Parents are updated by the doctor personally at every appointment as to treatment progress, recommendations and to answer any questions.
  • Determine the appropriate timing treatment. In early treatment, only moderate to severe casees of jaw disharmony and crowding are addressed and the remainder are deferred until more dental development has occurred.
  • Utilizing other dental and medical disciplines to compliment a patient’s treatment.
  • Using contemporary orthodontic treatment methods such as 3-D imaging, self-ligating appliances, and temporary anchorage devices.
  • Always seeking knowledge within and outside of orthodontics to facilitate treatment, communication and costumer service.

In addition, Drs. DeLurgio and Blom volunteer their services:

Dr. Blom has participated as an advising Orthodontist in the UC Davis Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Medical Panel since 1983. Dr. DeLurgio traveled to Venezuela in 2006 to treat cleft patients and has done extensive laboratory research on the genetic factors that contribute to the development of clefts. She has lectured at conferences such as the International Association of Dental Research and the American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association.