Types of Braces

Metal Braces

In-Ovation-R-Metal-Bracket-Orthodontic-Braces Metal braces are made of stainless steel. They are strong and have a proven track record of performance. The braces utilized at our office have their own clip. A color elastic is not needed to attach the wire, but color elastics can be used if the patient wants them.

Ceramic Braces

In-Ovation-C-Ceramic-Bracket-Orthodontic-BracesPorcelain braces closely match tooth color which makes them less visible. Porcelain braces are bulkier and the movement of teeth is somewhat slower than with metal braces. In addition, porcelain material is harder than enamel and can cause wear of the teeth. Therefore Drs. DeLurgio and Blom only prescribe porcelain braces for the upper teeth.

Invisalign & Aligners

Aligners - Invisalign - Types of Orthodontic Brackets (Braces)Invisalign and aligners are effective for mild crowding and bite issues. One benefit of aligners is the excellent aesthetics: When you are using Invisalign or an aligner, it doesn’t look like you are wearing braces. Another benefit of Invisalign and aligners is the ease of oral hygiene: It’s a lot easier to brush and floss when you can remove the aligner to do it. One drawback of Invisalign and aligners is slower tooth movement than with traditional braces. Also, having to remember to wear aligners at all times except for eating can be difficult for patients. It is important to wear your aligner as prescribed – when the aligners are not in your mouth your teeth start moving back to their original position. Cooperation and full time wear is the key to success with aligners.

Parts of Braces

Understanding Your Spacers