Interdisciplinary Treatment

In challenging situations, input from a number of dental disciplines is required to build comprehensive treatment plans. To obtain consistently optimal results, problems must be analyzed and treatment planned in a highly ordered fashion. The sequencing of therapeutic procedures ensures that the necessary expertise is included at the appropriate time. This team effort allows potential pitfalls and limitations for long-term patient treatment to be exposed, solutions and contingencies created and confusion eliminated resulting in a well-coordinated treatment effort. The primary players in the interdisciplinary approach are the restorative dentist, periodontist, and the orthodontist. The oral and maxillofacial surgeon, pedodontist, TMJ specialist, oral and maxillofacial radiologist, and endodontist are also called upon as the need arises. When appropriate, Drs. DeLurgio and Blom utilize this team approach so that the patient can benefit from the extensive body of knowledge and experience that comprises today’s dental science and its practitioners.

Pre-Restorative Treatment

The General Dentist will dictate to the orthodontist the desired tooth positions and bite for the most ideal and conservative restorative treatment possible.

Before and After - Orthodontic-Braces-Interdisiplinary-Treatment-Before-01Before and After - Orthodontic-Braces-Interdisiplinary-Treatment-After-01

Before and After - Orthodontic-Braces-Interdisiplinary-Treatment-Before-02Before and After - Orthodontic-Braces-Interdisiplinary-Treatment-After-02

TMJ Treatment

The TMJ Specialist may prescribe therapy to make the jaw function in harmony with the jaw joint and muscles.

Periodontal Treatment

Referral to a gum specialist may be needed to augment missing tissue and monitor tissue health throughout treatment. When possible, properly positioning the teeth within the bone and gums will prevent destructive consequences by evenly distributing loads on teeth.

Jaw Surgery

The Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and Orthodontist work together to correct jaw asymmetries and growth imbalances for better function and aesthetics.

Before and After - Orthodontic-Braces-Surgery-Before-01Before and After - Orthodontic-Braces-Surgery-After-01